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2019 Cross Tables

2019 Results

Under 8 Championship
1st Billy Fellowes
2nd = Emils Steiners, George Zhao
London Champion George Zhao
Leading Boy Billy Fellowes
Leading Girl Seha Komara
Best Under 7 George Zhao

Under 10 Minor
1st Arlo Weedon
2nd Charlie Wannasin Bell
3rd = Patrick Damodaran, Ashwin Ravithas, Tristan Baron
Leading Boys Ario Weedon
Leading Girls Emma Groot Wassink

Under 10 Championship
1st Max Pert
2nd Alexey Lapidus
3rd= Billy Fellows, Theo Khoury, Aayush Dewangan, Yifan Luo, Ethan B Li, James Guo Jintian, Soham Kumar, Alfred Soulier
London Champion Max Pert
SCCU Boys Under 9 Champion Aayush Dewangan
SCCU Girls Under 9 Champion
Leading Boy Max Pert
Leading Girl Dhriti Anand
Leading Under 9 Billy Fellowes

Under 12 Minor
1st Anusha Subramanian
2nd = Mae Catabay, David Varghese, Cian Ward, Leonard Wylie
Leading Boy David Varghese, Cian Ward, Leonard Wylie
Leading Girl Anusha Subramanian

Under 12 Championship
1st Andrey Pichugov
2nd = Luca Buanne, Kenneth Hobson
London Champion Andrey Pichugov
SCCU Boys Under 11 Champion Andrey Pichugov
SCCU Girls Under 11 Champion Eugenia Karas
Leading Boy Andrey Pichugov
Leading Girl Eugenia Karas
Leading Under 11 Andrey Pichugov

Under 14 Minor
1st Jamie Doyle
2rd Thomas W Martin
3rd = Ryosuke Sugimoto, Abeer Gogia
Leading Boy Jamie Doyle
Leading Girl

Under 14 FIDE Rated Championship
1st = Anum Sheikh, Aayan Ismail Mohammed, Jacob D Yoon, Jason Lv
London Champion Anum Sheikh
SCCU Boys Under 14 Champion Jacob Yoon
SCCU Girls Under 14 Champion Anum Sheikh
Leading Boy Aayan Ismail Mohammed, Jacob D Yoon, Jason Lv
Leading Girl Anum Sheikh
Leading Under 13 Jason Lv

Under 16 FIDE Rated Championship
1st Jacob Yoon
2nd Jason Covey
3rd = Alex Barlov, Shahjahon Saidmurodov, Julia Volovich
London Champion Jacob Yoon
Leading Boy Jacob Yoon
Leading Girl Julia Volovich

Under 18 / Under 21 / FIDE Rated Open
1st Tanmay Chopra
2nd Junhao Xian
Leading Boy Under 21 Tanmay Chopra
Leading Girl Under 21 Not awarded
Leading Boy Under 18 Tanmay Chopra
Leading Girl Under 18 Not awarded
London Under 21 Champion Tanmay Chopra
London Under 18 Champion Tanmay Chopra
SCCU Under 18 Boys Champion Tanmay Chopra
SCCU Under 18 Girls Champion Not awarded
Rating Prize (under 1850) Chirag Hosdurga, Haran Rasalingam

Northwick Park FIDE Rated Open
1st Junhao Xian
2nd = Thomas Bonn, Nicholas Tavoularis

Northwick Park FIDE Rated Major
1st Richard Valenta
2nd Nigel Colter

Northwick Park Minor
1st Prabodha Ariyaratne
2nd Paul Mccauley

London Christmas FIDE Rated Major
1st Shyun Fwu Alrdin Wong
2nd = Francis Chin, Dominic Gibbs, Arnav Srivastava
Rating Prize (Under 1650) Emma Bienvenu, Rebecca Carter, Niall Clarke

London Christmas Minor
1st Manmay Chopra
2nd =

Suyash Srikanta Prasad, Andrew Willoughby

Grading Prize (Under 100)

Lucas Bienvenu, Jennifer Goldsmith


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